Our Motto

VAMANA SOLAR, founded in 2015, has a deep understanding and investment experience in renewable energy and power engineering, construction and investment in developing markets of the sector, where it is a focused investor, developer, and delivers profitable assets.

VAMANA SOLAR works with its partner companies to provide engineering, management, and financial support, whilst offering the ability to act as a bankable sponsor for renewable power projects.

VAMANA SOLAR’s principal approach to its businesses is hands-on, asset-first, technically orientated.

 VAMANA SOLAR always aims to achieve the returns by holding equity in well-conceived and constructed projects.

VAMANA SOLAR has a diversified and an experienced team of advisory that has a balance of operating and financial expertise to derive and drive to success by execution of the company’s strategy.

VAMANA SOLAR’s Board of Management has cumulatively invested in many projects viz. renewable energy, infrastructure business in different emerging markets. Having this experience of the Advisory Board to successfully identifying, costing, constructing, and operating assets across technologies, countries, and regulatory environments is a competitive advantage and key value driver for VAMANA SOLAR.

VAMANA SOLAR’s operational and technical capabilities are complemented with dedicated financing, legal, and structuring professionals having experience and expertise in private equity, infrastructure, and renewable energy transactions.

VAMANA SOLAR’s operational and transaction expertise combines the project development, construction, and operations expertise of an industrial firm, with the flexibility, financial rigor, and discipline of a financial sponsor.

VAMANA SOLAR has offices in Hyderabad, Gurugaon, Mumbai, and Bengaluru in India and also having its representative offices in Singapore, Australia US & UK.

VAMANA SOLAR has an appetite to acquire 100MW of SOLAR by 2025. Also VAMANA SOLAR is keen to invest in other sectors of Power, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Others 

To succeed in fast-paced commoditized information world, a pragmatic insightful approach with a focus on connecting the dots is a must.

Our Investors…

Successfully investing through cycles requires an unwavering dedication to the research process and a strong conviction in the strategy we employ. We believe our investors share a similar deep conviction in Vamana Solar. which allows us to continue to execute our strategy and deliver results.

Outside results, we pride ourselves on the care and attention we place in our investors. As stewards of their capital, we strive to ensure we are as informative and transparent as possible in order to continue to earn the trust and faith they put in our firm on a daily basis. We believe our Investors have helped us form a solid foundation for Vamana Solar.

Guiding Principles

  • Integrity
  • Experience
  • Conviction
  • Discipline
  • Passion